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Watch our videos to learn more about using PasswordBox.


PasswordBox: The Introduction

What is PasswordBox and why do you need one?

Length: 1:24
Getting started

Getting Started Tour

New user? Get the most out of PasswordBox with this quick product tour.

Length: 1:41

PasswordBox Security

Your security is our priority. Here's how we keep your data safe and secure.

Length: 1:22

How to Share a Password

Finally! Encrypted sharing that everyone can use.

Length: 1:09
Secure sharing

The Security of Sharing

Encrypted sharing –– making it this easy to use is more complicated than you think.

Length: 1:17

Using PasswordBox Legacy

The only password tool that protects your data during your life... and after.

Length: 1:15
Adding passwords

Adding Passwords

Learn how PasswordBox saves your passwords and saves you time.

Length: 0:30

PasswordBox Startpage

Always one click away from your favourite websites and web apps.

Length: 1:05

PasswordBox on iPhone

Have your passwords with you wherever you go with our iPhone app.

Length: 1:28

PasswordBox on iPad

Enjoy all the features of PasswordBox on your iPad.

Length: 1:27

PasswordBox on Android

Have your passwords with you wherever you go with our Android app.

Length: 0:30
One tap

1-Tap Login

Log in to your favorite mobile apps without typing a username or password again.

Length: 1:06