Your online privacy is our top priority. PasswordBox was designed and built by security experts from the ground up to ensure maximum security, with multiple layers of protection for your critical information.

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PasswordBox makes it easy for you to add additional layers of security by having a different, high-quality password for each of your online accounts without any extra effort on your part.
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PasswordBox is delivering security without compromise.

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Our Security Philosophy

Security is of paramount importance for everyone at PasswordBox. It is part of our culture and mission, and this will never change. We understand that when our customers choose to use PasswordBox, they are placing their trust in us, and in our ability to provide the highest level of security available. We take this trust very seriously. And if we didn't? Well, we'd be in the wrong business.

How To Report Security Issues

To report a security issue concerning PasswordBox, send an e-mail to

This email is only for reporting legitimate security issues. For problems with your account and other customer support concerns, please use

Responsible Disclosure

If you'd like to encrypt your communication with PasswordBox, you may use our PGP key available here.

Key ID: 1C44D87CC65168F6

Key Length: 4096

Algorithm: RSA

Fingerprint: 0D23 AFD4 A46D 401C F58C 2C27 1C44 D87C C651 68F6

Created: September 9, 2013 at 10:35 AM

Expires: September 24, 2016 at 2:47 PM

For your peace of mind, know we're serious about security.

For (much) more technical detail, please see our Security White Paper.

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