Legacy Locker

Your digital assets are more valuable than you might think. Do you know what will happen to them if something happens to you? Legacy Locker is the best way to guarantee access to your online accounts for those you want to receive them - be it a spouse, child, friend or colleague.

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How Does It Work?

Our legacy process is secure, simple to use and your data is protected at all times by PasswordBox's patent-pending end-to-end encryption solution.

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John has too many passwords to remember. He solves the problem by storing them all on PasswordBox.

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The PasswordBox Solution

When John needs a password, he logs in to PasswordBox to retrieve it - anytime, anywhere.

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Assign Heir

John selects his son as a digital heir, to receive his accounts if something should happen.

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Legacy Locker Notification

John passes away. His son, and digital heir, notifies PasswordBox of John's death.

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Transfer Authorization

PasswordBox validates the death certificate with authorities and confirms John's identity.

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Legacy Locker Access

John's son receives access to John's online passwords and executes John's last wishes.

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Justin Ellsworth

US Marine died on duty in Iraq

Lance corporal Justin Ellsworth was a U.S. Marine who died in 2004 while on duty in Iraq. He was 20 years old. His parents were aware that Justin had a Yahoo email account with emails he had not yet sent. According to...

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Mac Tonnies

Published author and blogger died in sleep

In 2009, after 6-years of blogging, Mac Tonnies had built up a substantial online footprint. He had a solid and active readership, and hundreds of followers on Twitter. Mac was a futurist who had a particular fascinat...

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