Finally, a simple way to log in!

No typing required

PasswordBox logs you in instantly to your favorite websites and mobile apps on iOS and Android without having to type in, or even memorize, your passwords. A website's username and password details are saved automatically, so you can enjoy streamlined login.

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Mobile devices

Streamlined checkout at home or on the go!

Fill in credit card details effortlessly into today's most popular websites.

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No need to grab your credit card or address book again - secure checkout with information stored in your digital wallet in a single tap.

Share and protect your online accounts, confidently

Securely share a password with a friend, family member or co-worker hassle-free. Any password changes are instantly synced to all members while keeping you in control of password visibility and editable settings.

A faster, more secure way to use your wallet

Create encrypted notes while keeping track of credit cards, passports, memberships and other sensitive personal data in your digital wallet. Your information is always available at your fingertips.

What happens to your digital property when you die?

Your digital legacy can live on even after you're gone by passing it to someone you trust with Legacy Locker. Securely transfer your accounts, pictures, music and other online information to people you care about in the event that something happens to you. Learn about Legacy Locker.

Create a long, strong password for every online account

Increase your online security with a customizable 26+ character password. No need to remember it, PasswordBox automatically saves it to your account so you can instantly login on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

With you, wherever you are...

Secure your information in PasswordBox and access it on your computers, phones or tablets to automatically login, generate or share passwords and access your digital wallet from anywhere.

Synced everywhere!

Android Tablet Macbook Ipad Iphone
  • iPhone & iPad
  • Android Phone, Tablets & Kindle Fire
  • Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera

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Tired of keeping track of all those passwords? Solution: PasswordBox!


Great Password App! Saves me time and is very effective especially working between devices!

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