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Backend Developer

Ops and API Team

For the Operations and API team, we require candidates who display a good balance of experience, knowledge, and values that we consider vital to the team’s success.

This means that you should already:

  • Value quality, communication, efficiency, curiosity, duty, poise, urgency, honesty, courage, and the initiative to get things shipped
  • Demonstrate the experience and the discipline of a previous multi-year commitment to a project
  • Write clear and concise code that is validated with tests and that is ready to run in a production environment
  • Possess a good knowledge of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, mysql, and the Internet
  • Display a familiarity with Graphite, StatsD, a modern javascript framework, d3.js, Kibana, ElasticSearch, redis, mongodb, AWS, Docker

As part of the Operations and API team, you will:

  • Help safeguard our members’ personal data and their uninterrupted access to it
  • Seek to raise developer confidence
  • Participate in the deployment process
  • Contribute to the improvement and the maintenance of a mission-critical back-end system
  • Be instrumental in the evolution of our monitoring system
  • Defend the integrity of the system
  • Be on call in case of (extremely rare!) system issues
  • Have fun!